We Are Getting Zapped!

This is a Message channeled from my book (The 2nd Shift). We humans are affected by our creations such as cell phones, computers, the electric company’s smart meters along with all the “smart” chips in every appliance in your home – our auras a.k.a our EMF (electromagnetic fields) are affected by the constant bombardment of these negative waves/frequencies – and it is making us and our auras, more permeable, susceptible to damage.

In turn, it is making all of us more “sensitive” along with achieving telepathic abilities. These telepathic skills are more common because the barrier within our EMF’s electromagnetic fields that surround our physical bodies/Auras – they are permeable which is not good – they are damaged and not able to fully protect us as they used to.

It is also a fact – and finally doctors are admitting and proving that cell phones now are emitting stronger vibes that can cause cancer in 5 years! Which originally they claimed in the past, that it would be 20 years of excessive cell phone usage that would cause side effects.

So – what about all the other EMFs that are floating past us 200,000 times a day?

Have you noticed many of the people around you and maybe yourself “forgetting”- or loss of memory? Yep. Me too! It is simple science – that this is happening. This info was channeled 4 years prior – I received many messages about the “air changing” – meaning the frequencies are affected and the atmosphere getting affected as well.

I am excited about the telepathic part, but gotta do something about the negative effects.

What can we do?

We can use cell phones and computers less; turn them off when not in use. Contact the Electric company and opt out of the smart meter program – it takes jobs away from people as well as hurting us and our environment. You can use an ancient stone called Shungite to help displace the negative waves by wearing it or holding it on your body. You can also use Mandalas to disperse the negative energy. Knowledge is king my friends… let’s use it. Please share this on your page. Let’s get the knowledge out there!

May 30, 2016
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