Utilize Energy to Manifest a Man! or Money!

Did you know that you can utilize energy to manifest a man? or money?

Time to manifest what YOU really want!

It’s a bright New Year and time to make positive changes. I am here to explain step-by-step how to manifest each of these fabulous life changers.

First, you must know that everything that exists – is energy. Everything has a vibration. That means everything you say or think – yes, think – has energy. That means every thought carries energy. The energy can be positive, negative or null.

If you use positive vibrations on your thoughts this creates a vibrancy that is higher frequency and in turn will bring the same frequency vibes back to you. It actually is a scientific thing!

Let’s just get to what you want – wanting is what you desire and project. Some people call this an intention. Once you set an intention – make sure it carries a frequency of positive vibes. Your positive intention is also sending the energy of what you want out into the universe by your specific thoughts. Once this is established, you can begin to manifest what you want. You can actually intend for it to come your way in reasonable time.

Positive breed’s positive – as you may have heard that expression. It is true.

There is another component to this manifesting what you want. It is sending the positive message out with equal energy. This means the positive vibes you send out will not be in vain! The message will be good for all those involved of what you are asking for. You will see clearly what I mean as you read the steps below.

Make sure you add details of what you would want. Say or think this manifesting only once a week. Otherwise, you are just repeating “words” and the manifest doesn’t have the same intent and feeling to make it strong and heard loudly. Concentrate. If this is Important to you – make time to do it correctly!

Manifesting a “Good Match.”


Step 1:
Take 3 long breaths in and 3 exhales out. Do this at your own pace. Sit in a place you feel comfortable and peaceful, indoors or outdoors.

Step 2:
Try to feel in your heart. Focus by holding your hands lightly over your chest area. You can do this with both your hands. Now understand that your body and mind are now connected. Continue with your focus on “Asking equally” to manifest your good match.

Step 3:
You can state this aloud or within. If you need to stop and get a paper and pen to write or add more details – please do this. Make you’re manifesting accordingly.


Please use this outline:

I am and I allow myself to meet a ______ (say man or woman, you don’t need a name) that has healthy habits, that is respectful to me and I to them. They are attracted to me sexually, intellectually, physically and emotionally and I to them. We love each other 100%; we are monogamous to each other (if that’s what you want). We communicate properly and nicely to each other, we understand each other’s feelings and way of thinking. We accept each others “normal”, we are happy together and trust each other. We are each other’s good match and we deserve each other. We meet November 2014 (insert a month and year you desire) earth dimension.

Options to insert if you choose, you may also add what you desire of your “good match.”

They have a good paying job
They are humorous
They are reliable and responsible
They have values similar to yours or values you admire
They are available (not married!) to meet you and your them
You both have compatible “normals”
They are specifically good looking example: tall, physically fit, blue eyes yada yada…
They are Abundant in money
They are psychically healthy, emotionally sound
They are human (I’m just being funny – I hope this is a given LOL)

A Note: Remember – You can’t be someone’s good match, if you aren’t theirs. This is equal energy exchange.


Manifesting Money

Use the same 3 previous steps then, please use this outline:

I am and I allow myself to create from me working for it – or by receiving or finding or winning (these are options you can choose one or all) large amounts of money of (put a desired amount) or more. With this money I will take care of my responsibilities, I will live within my means. I will share and help others if needed.

I do this without wanting anything in return except a thank you (you must put positive intent especially on this part!).  I can and I will bring money and abundance of opportunities to myself. I deserve this money to better my life and my family’s life. What energy I give out, I will receive without expecting. What is deserved will come my way in (place your desired date here) earth dimension.


Other options and phrases you can add for manifesting money and abundance:

What I strive for will bring money my way from my work efforts.
Money can be new way of work or salary. (Such as getting a raise, new job)
It could be winning an item and selling it for money.
Abundance can be what you understand to be abundance – be specific what your definition of abundance is.
I am open to receive money or values from the positive ways.
I will treat others as I like to be treated – and all abundance I am responsible for, in positive way.


Read more about How to Manifest with Equal Energy by Jolie DeMarco find it on AMAZON.

May 16, 2016
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