Togetherness: Moonstone & Petalite Stones

Togetherness ~ I’ll take the combo, please! Moonstone & Petalite Stones

The joint venture of moonstone and petalite bring the ultimate journey. These stones together, bring visions, insight and self-awareness. A perfect meditation combo! Hold them in your hands for 20 minutes or more and feel the mixture of adventure.

Moonstone and PetaliteMoonstone – Gives you an inward journey and allow you to see what is missing in your life. It enhances hope and insight, bringing you positive outlooks, it was a stone used for travelers for good tidings and protection. Moonstones work with the energy of the moon and as the earth and the planets move, the stone helps you adapt to change on Earth.

Petalite – Is a stone that comes from Madagascar and Brazil. For the crown Chakra, promote spiritual connection, to God, or your source energies, Angels, Buddha, and animals. It can enhance Shamanic visions and keeps you grounded as you do so. It enhances your psychic abilities and intuition. It reduces clumsiness, and helps Ying and Yang (balances your male and female energies in the aura and physical body). It supports detoxing and joint relief.


Smiles & Gratitude,

Jolie Demarco

“I am a crystal junkie. I admit it.”

April 18, 2016
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