I was DELIGHTED to send you a few words to describe after reading your book.

“Live your life of Love! This is one of the inner messages I received when reading Jolie’s Soul talking book. She informs us of the incredible shift that is going on before our eyes and allows us to see the transformation from within. Jolie awakens your senses to connect directly through your heart and emulate that energy of love and light to your entire environment. Open, lighthearted, soulful, organic, and inspiring… are a few ways to describe Jolie DeMarco as a writer. After reading her 1st book, I was moved to continue to read the messages through her words. Jolie DeMarco truly loves the work you can tell by how she shares which transforms the reader to connect with her words and move toward our best self.”

Gratitude, Noll

Noll Satisfied Customer

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