Fall Cleansing of the Soul

Want to be Squeaky clean?

We all go through our homes and especially our closets in the fall time. October especially activates us with an inner clock in our bodies; like sweeping autumn leaves, it’s a reminder of cleaning out the old to bring in the new.

Energetically it’s the same. We need to periodically clean off our auras, and our souls. Yep, most likely you heard of that word “aura” before.  It’s a scientific fact that the aura is the electromagnetic field around all that exists as energy. It’s approximately 2 feet around your whole human body. It goes over the top of your head and all around you on all sides above and below. I imagine it like a big bubble of vibrations that we cannot see. On the other hand, some people can “see” these vibrations and can sense or feel what’s in a person’s bubble too! Those people are called empathy, intuitives or psychic.
All day long we and our auric bubbles pick up “junk” from other people as we pass each other. When our bubbles touch, we can pick up other people’s thoughts and emotions in energy form which are vibrations. We can pick up this “junk” from vibrations whether they speak verbally to us or not at all. Thoughts are energy too; they can be positive or negative or null. Picking up thought forms of energy is common. One example is if someone “thinks” you are a JERK. That is a negative thought form. They are throwing bad vibrations at you and that can stick in your aura. Another example; we all have had a friend “dump” on us, I am saying a friend that had a terrible day decided to spill every detail to you about it, pouring every cruddy emotion and describing it as if they were packaging it and giving it to you. Yes, that is called “dumping.” I know most people especially friends don’t intentionally mean to dump, but it happens. Now you know how you get this junk. Once it settles you can begin to feeling it in your bubble – it can start to feel like a full dumpster if you don’t empty the trash. What happens if you leave the trash in your bubble or “space” too long? You can feel “crummy.” Please excuse my language and the pun. What do we do now? Easy, cleanse that muck off of you; don’t let the stench of the dump get you down.

Most of those emotions and thoughts were not even yours to begin with, “Just Let Go, don’t own them!” if they aren’t yours, release them. Famous words “Let Go” with true meaning. Remember some of those “feelings” of yuck can also be from yourself, that’s called “self-sabotage.” It’s when you say to yourself “I can’t do this; I hate my thighs, blah, blah, bah.” All of those thought or words become clouds of grey heaviness inside your bubble. Some people describe it as “feeling down in the dumps, or depressed, sad, heavy.” Okay, you are probably getting what I am saying.

It can be negative thoughts and emotions. Remember from those negative thoughts can then turn into negative actions. The goal here is to clear our negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positive ones. This human friend’s is how we clean our auras. I am talking about cleaning out energy that most people can’t see.


Just do this exercise to release and cleanse your aura:

Imagine your bubble around your body.
Take a few minutes to ask yourself, “How do I feel right now?”
Let yourself know its “time” to Spring clean your auric field. This is stating your intention to do this action. Take 3 deep breaths and imagine a shower of white or clear water moving every part of your body. You can start at 1 foot above the top of your head moving downward. Once you imagined every part “washed off”, if you are visual this works easier and faster, if not, just “feel and sense it happening.” Imagine all the “junk, debris was released from your bubble and on the ground near your feet, then “flush” that by using an imaginary handle to push it out of your space and down the drain or into the earth to be recycled and renewed.  All the crap gone from you and your bubble. You feel cleaned and great! Just a hint, you can do this anytime you want, not just spring time!


Do you want a deeper Clean?

No problem. This was the other bit of information, an opportunity to do a total cleansing of the soul.

This includes clearing negative experiences, connections, and occurrences that are to be cleansed from the soul, not just our human thoughts, but negatives in the soul to be changed to be positive in the soul. I call this “The Energy Exchange.”

Your soul is energy. Similar to the energy of the auric field around your body, however this soul energy is “you”. It is pure energy and the part of you that most of us hardly talk about cleaning! The soul can hold old energies from the past and present and also fears of the future. You might be thinking, “does it cleanse all of my soul?” No worries, this “cleansing does not take out all the good of your soul, only the bad.”

Releasing the negative imprints of any old “junk”, is the purpose of cleaning your soul’s energy. Imprints are not “clouds of grey like described in the aura, but they are negative energies deep within the consciousness. All negative energy can be dismissed. This includes bad habits, patterns, situations and occurrences; here is an example that happened to me. I had a habit, of always placing fear on success. Every time I would start to be successful, I would self-sabotage. I did not understand why I would do this and actually didn’t realize it until I “messed-up” my opportunities. I decided I wanted to change this bad habit. An epiphany arose; I named it “soul talking.”

This “Soul Talking” is mediation for clearing out our negatives from our own soul’s energy; since we are all made of energy and everything in the world is energy- making equal energy exchange made sense.  Energy Exchange is what I describe as natural order. However, this “order has been distorted with entitlement issues among humans*.”
People can re-learn how to make equal energy exchange as it should be in the world today. Here’s your directions how to “soul talk.”
Find place inside your home or outdoors that is quiet. Once you start the mediation, know that you can repeat the words aloud or in your mind. Use words you are comfortable with and most importantly state your intention at the start of your soul talk. Intention means what you feel, project and desire.

I am ( say your full name)
I allow my true soul the energy of me – to engage with my human self, body and mind – to soul talk to cleanse me – my true soul energy – all that I am energy, on all dimensions , all parallels, all that energy exists-all energies of me in all locations.
Take 11 deep breaths in and out
I am to be of pure energy. I, (Your name) at this time 2013 earth dimension bring only love into my pure energy;
I release all blocks, all thoughts that are other than positive.
I release all judgments of me and others that are other than positive.
Any and all habits that are other than positive, I release and Exchange with positive energy.
I only see myself as pure and high vibration energy which means happy, healthy and loving.
I only allow loving relationships in my energy
I only allow loving energy around me
I am always safe and protected by loving positive energies
I allow myself and I deserve to have only positive equal energy exchange with all beings of energies, and all that is energy, including myself.
I allow and accept these “Changes” in my life to be of goodness and advancement.
I only allow the light within, around and in my thoughts on this 2013 earth dimension including all of where I exist , existed and reside- in all my forms human and beyond
11 deep breaths in and out
Give gratitude to yourself and all energies of life.
Voila! You are deep down clean!

June 20, 2016
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