Animal Totem

What is an Animal totem?
The animal totem is a psychological and spiritual symbol which conveys the qualities we need or lack in our daily lives.

There are 4 types of animal spirit guides: messenger, journey, life and shadow. The animal messenger guide appears to warn or guide you through a specific situation, this animal stays with you until the message is received or the situation has passed. The journey animal guide appears when you reach a crossroad and a decision needs to be made for progression. This animal will stay with you until your journey is complete this can take days, weeks, months even years. The life animal spirit guide remains with you throughout your life as this animal is a reflection of you. The shadow spirit guide is the one that instills fear, it tests you, it teaches lessons in areas that need to be changed, and it represents your inner fears and will continue to appear until the changes needed are made!

More information can be found by Googling animal totem.

May 2, 2016
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