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Jolie is an advocate of high vibrational living (that means living happily.)She is an inspirational guide, Author, Speaker, known for her Soul Talkin’ clairvoyant abilities. Jolie is a Messenger, Medium, Empath & Channel, Reiki Master, Crystal healer and Light Tunnel™ conduit.She is gifted with physical and energetic body reading. Jolie enjoys sharing these“gifts” with others. She has helped many people with messages she receives through her 6th sense. People call her a “Messenger of the Light”.

Mindful Center 

Our Mindful Healing Retail Center 26 SE 4th Street, Boca Raton offers unique modalities and metaphysical supplies: Services include;Meditations, Crystal healing, self-healing frequency energetics, Vibrational Methodology,Mediumship,Chanting,elemental ,Reiki,Past life Regressions,empowerment programs & “life changing” classes for all ages.Gain the knowledge & insight you need to live healthy and happily.


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Join us!  Our 2nd Location 301 Camino Gardens Blvd. Boca Raton. Learn skills through “experience.” We feature Yoga & workshops; trusting your intuitiveness,Aromatherapy,unique meditations,Energy healing modalities,Soul Talking,Reiki,Sound,Crystals & and gemstone layouts. Tune in and visually see,feel & experience higher knowledge. We will to take you to a new level in today’s world. Check our schedule.


Shop our retail store in East Boca Raton Florida.We have over 500 types of Crystals- Mindful Gifts;books,Oracle decks,incense,sage,herbs,organic teas,Mandalas,Chakra jewelry and more! If you are out of the area-You can visit our online Crystal mega-store



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Popular Services


Crystal Healing Service

Crystal Healing is an energetic modality of healing where the energies of crystals heal, release or advance those they work with. These wonderful properties together work in synergy within and around a human energetic (electromagnetic) field.


Crystal Meditation Room

The  diamond room is a geometric shape specifically designed for its healing abilities – A vortex with crystals built within the walls. There are 3 separate crystal grids – one for Release, one for Advancement, and another for Self- Realization.


Natural Herbs & Teas

Visit our shop for a variety of healing Herbs. We can share the properties and usages from our healing guides and our experiences. Organic teas and wonderful Ayurvedic herbs .



Our Mindful Healing Center sells and uses only therapeutic grade (also considered medical grade) oils that are organic. We offer several Aromatherapy services, classes and herbal remedy workshops. Please call us for details.

Message from Jolie


I am being programmed by something I identify as “love”.


I’m feeling, sensing, and trusting this source. It’s far better than being programmed by TV and society.


I am a messenger of the light.


I am clairvoyant. I hear and sense loving information and guidance for others and myself.”

Master Calendar For Both Locations


Please note: It is not necessary to pre-book for Reiki Circles or Yoga Classes.

Please call 561-901-5808 to reserve your spot for all other classes listed on the Calendar.

Our Yoga Spirit Center is located at 301 Camino Gardens Blvd, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL (in the Plaza II, next to Essentials Spa).

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